A food trend that has caught on in several Dubai restaurants – Molecular gastronomy. Molecular gastronomy, also commonly referred to as modernist cuisine is arguably at its peak in terms of popularity. Incorporating scientifically savvy cooking techniques like liquid nitrogen flash freezing, syringe infusions, and carbon dioxide foams, the chefs create innovative, mouthwatering menus unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Molecular gastronomy makes all other cooking fads lose relevance.

I dined at the award winning celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s “Signature” restaurant at the Melia Hotel in Dubai but nothing prepared me for the molecular gastronomic orgasm at Farzi Cafe located in City Walk (Phase 2) off Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah.

While the word Farzi means something that is fake or not real, here it is all about creating illusions with the food.  The general ambience of the restaurant is subtle with neutral tones of beige, brown and gold. Contemporary decor and an even more contemporary “twist” on classic Indian dishes.  The experimental chef is not just preparing a meal, they are creating a work of art and an unforgettable, multi-sensory experience – aesthetically breathtaking, surprising, innovative and exciting. 

So here’s some of the #Farzified dishes we devoured and recommend.  The tastes and textures are playful and surprising and each meal is an exploration of culinary possibilities.

We started with a palette cleanser – a complimentary mango yoghurt shots (mishti doi) frozen by the dry ice bath, pop it in your mouth and there is a burst of flavors.  Tip:  ensure you ask the order taker for this as they sometimes do forget to serve.

Then started the illusive gastronomic journey for the night commencing with 3 of their mocktails – loved each of them!  Clearly, mixologists love their new roles as bar magicians who whip up amazing mocktail concoctions in a jiffy.

Ananas Orbits;  a Virgin Pina Colada muddled with tender coconut and pineapple served in these fancy tail glasses.  The tail acts as a straw which is filled with Pina Colada Caviar that burst in the mouth (the blue balls you see at the bottom of the spout)
Me enjoying the Farzi Ok, mix of orange and kaffir lime served in a mason jar.  The drink had an enjoyable orangy flavour and was refreshing too.
My nephew enjoying his passion fruit iced drink.  He preferred this to the pina colada.
Appetizer 1: Tempura dynamite prawns – succulent prawns bathed in a sticky spicy marinade and served with lemon chilli flavored foam.  My nephew is a huge fan of PF Changs dynamite prawns but couldn’t curtail his excitement seeing the presentation of this dish and was blown away by the tantalizing taste. So we re-ordered this dish just for him.
Appetizer 2: Deconstructed Shepherds Pie – a clever take on the original with tender pieces of meat chunks on a pillowy bed of creamy mash potato, something any meat lover would enjoy
Appetizer 3: Raj Kachori (a much loved snack from India) with crispy fried bhindi (okra) salad topped with chutney in the form of foam created from carbon dioxide.
Appetizer 4: Butter chicken sharwarma sliders served in a  cute army style truck.  The buns were so soft, almost like a steamed bun.  
Appetizer 5: Chilli Beef spiked Kulcha – succulent spicy beef stuffed in these cute wraps; check out the presentation – they look like miniature parachutes!
Chicken Mulligatawny soup with crackers topped with chana chaat
Main 1: we Indians love our biryanis and being a Dubai resident shawarmas is our all time favorite so we ordered the Mutton Shawarma Biryani.  Loved the giant skewer of tender chicken placed over the spiced rice accompanied with a bowl of raita.
Main 2: Pan tossed summer vegetables, asian yellow curry khao suey. Too much coconut milk and quite bland so avoidable
Main 3: Mutton Pepper Fry served with layered flaky parathas – simple presentation but the taste will win you over

We wrapped up our awesome meal with some equally awesome desserts!!  All with the Farzi twist!

Dessert 1 – Chocolate Dirt Pile; a sheer treat for the eyes and the palate.  This dish was presented in a round wooden bowl with all the ingredients including chocolate ganache infused with black pepper, creamy vanilla ice cream, dry fruits and lots of crumbled chocolate.  The staff pours the accompanying hot chocolate sauce from the top and mixes the entire thing first.  The ganache, ice cream and the rest of the ingredients comes together really well.  The dish is sufficient to satiate any chocolate lover!
Dessert 2: Rasmalai Tres Leches with carrot cream – rich, creamy and not too sweet

Here’s a video of the Risotto Phirni Oxide dessert which was made at our table using liquid nitrogen. A mix of classic Indian dessert Phirni cooked in Italian risotto rice with saffron milk, mawa crumble, nuts, frozen sugar and rose petals.  At the end of the dramatic presentation we squealed like little kids!! 🙂

Your bill will arrive in this  – quirky!


The ambience has a buzz about it, pricing is quite reasonable so happy to have an option for molecular gastronomy in Dubai that will not burn a hole in our pockets.  My dining plans for 2017, to try out all the dishes at Farzi 🙂


So all I can say is #WegotFarzified!

Tip: Always make a reservation in advance as this place is usually always booked.  This place is a MUST-VISIT in Dubai!!