Opposites Attract: Italian-Mexican fusion works wonderfully at Quattro

So after dining at SpiceKlub last week we were excited to try out their sister restaurant next door “Quattro”.  Quattro is the first vegetarian Italian-Mexican restaurant in Dubai to offer a dash of the snazzy molecular gastronomy.

Located in Mankhool, the restaurant is casual and comfortable with a menu that expertly marries together items that would satisfy most Italian-Mexican cravings.

Pic Courtesy: Khaleej Times
The placement of an olive tree in the centre of the restaurant is visually appealing

As soon as we were seated the server placed a nice variety of Italian and Mexican dips. 


We started off with some interesting mocktails; spiced watermelon cooler, the classic virgin mojito and mango basil smoothie.  The mocktails on the menu absolutely complimented the food. The classic mojita had deconstructed candy floss to sweeten the drink.  I loved the way it was presented at the table.  The Mango basil smoothie and spiced watermelon were refreshing and delicious.  The spiced watermelon was served in the stylish cat’s tail glasses (similar to the virgin pina colada served at Farzi Cafe, Citywalk).


Appetizer 1: Baked Mushrooms stuffed with spinach and cheese served with wasabi mayo which comes in a tube.  For mushroom lovers, you absolutely cannot miss this dish!!


Appetizer 2: Jalapeno Queso came in batter fried cheese and jalapeno cheese spheres covered with jalapeno cloud that was good in its own distinct way.  A little too heavy on the stomach though.


Mains 1: Risotto Funghi – true Italian delight! with creamy shiitake mushroom, oregano and parmesan, drizzled with truffle oil.  I am a huge fan of risotto and this one did not fail to impress me.  The flavors are very delicate and the shittake mushroom gives that additional flavor to this creamy dish.


Mains 2: Quesadillas stuffed with grilled vegetables and cheese accompanied with mexican rice, beans and salad.  This one would definitely appeal to any Mexican food lover.


Dessert – Hazelnut mousse, Candied hazelnut & Popcorn – the boys loved this!! big in size, big on satisfaction! 


While waiting for the bill, I turned around to see the table behind us had ordered the Chocolate Saturn & Hot Chocolate Soup.   It’s a dome made of tempered chocolate shell which melts beautifully when the server pours the hot chocolate soup over it. What remains is a ball of chocolate mousse on a bed of frozen chocolate sand with orange and mango chocolate jello.  What a theatrical experience!! We are definitely ordering this the next time!!

Overall the food ranged from good to terrific, with most squarely on the “terrific” end of that spectrum.

Thumbs up for this one !