Chamas Churrascaria & Bar

Located on the ground floor of Crowne Plaza Dubai, Chamas Churrascaria & Bar is a meat lovers paradise. The interiors are dimly lit with an intimate bar area. 

Chamas‘ translates to ‘flame’ in Brazilian, and ‘Churrascaria‘ is a place where meats are cooked in the traditional ‘churrasco’ style of barbecuing on skewers, often on open flame.

Upon being seated the waiter explains the concept of this restaurant which serves an unbelievable 18 varieties of meat!  At Chamas, they have a two-sided coaster. When you turn it to the green side, the servers know you are ready to eat. They will continue filling up your plate with beefy goodness and will only stop once you turn the coaster over to the red side.


The meat is served at your table on a skewer where it is cut off in front of you. An extensive salad bar and hot buffet complements the feast. 

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Finally some dessert on the table – we are thrilled on being served grilled pineapple. Coated in cinnamon, these tangy-sweet cuts were a much need refreshment after all that beef  – yumm!!!


Alongside the restaurant there is an intimate bar area with dark brown sofas and high mahogany tables and chairs. A live Brazilian band complements the casual atmosphere vibe.


Overall, Chamas Churrascaria & Bar is an absolute treat for meat lovers.