Daycation – Atlantis Dolphin Adventure

So this was our second time around visiting Dolphin Bay. My boys love the Dolphin Bay experience and also wanted to spend the day at the Atlantis hotel in Dubai. 

The trainers care so deeply for the welfare of the dolphins and take great pains to provide safety instructions that are understood by everyone, including the little ones.  We had to attend a safety and informational seminar before we could get in the water with our suits which almost felt like dolphin skin.

The actual shallow water experience is 30 mins where you are formed into groups and each group gets a 1:1 interaction time with the dolphins.

Our group interacted with the dolphin name “Lisa” who was unarguably the cutest dolphin ever. There were dolphin hugs, kisses,  dance and tricks – my boys were having such a good time!
We also got to pet her, watch her swim for a bit and do some fun stuff.  She was such a diva, thoroughly enjoyed being the centre of attraction.  It was amazing! 
The is truly one of the most fun things to do while you are in Dubai. 

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